The Sweet Songs Of Decay

by Frank Bango

"one of the best albums of this decade in any genre...The Sweet Songs of Decay is flat-out brilliant. It's sparse, but cuts right to the heart of pain, love, loss, and life in general. This is an absolute must-hear for anyone who loves well-written songs that last for generations"

"If there winds up being three pop albums better than this in 2008, then the music industry will be a blessed place because those would have to be three damn fine albums. Frank Bango's put together an engaging set of tunes that only gets better with every listen. So much better, in fact, that The Sweet Songs of Decay's got to be a front-runner on the short list for best album of 2008 thus far. "

...praise for Bango for producing "some of the best and most original pop music that almost no one has ever heard" initially appeared as a hyperbole to me, but The Sweet of Songs of Decay proves to make the statement startlingly accurate...

"I Saw the Size of the World" is the best song about a worm that I've heard since Guided By Voices' "Wormhole"...Excellent release"