Not your typical modern-day songwriter, Bango’s classically structured pop songs spur melodies reminiscent of 60’s girl groups and the heyday of the pop world.
— Performing Songwriter
New York City-based singer and songwriter Frank Bango’s accessible, classic-sounding pop songs sound refreshingly familiar, almost as if they came out of another less frantic and noisy era.
— All Music Guide
Craftsmanship is alive and well, meticulously executed in the pop realm by Frank Bango
— Time Out New York

Frank Bango has been quietly going about his business for the last 15 years, making some of the best and most original pop music that almost no one has ever heard. But while Bango has consistently remained further under the radar then just about any other artist of his caliber, he’s never let anonymity go to his head. 

Comparisons are often drawn between his intelligent, timeless pop songs and those written by Ray Davies, Elvis Costello and Andy Partridge (although Bango and longtime songwriting partner Richy Vesecky cite the golden age of The Brill Building as their primary influence).

To understand, you need only listen to one of the five albums that Bango has released on his own label The Sincere Recording Company, And there’s no better place to start than his latest triumph “Touchy/Feely”. An addictive, hook laden album with irresistible melodies and intelligent, yet heartfelt lyrics. A record created to showcase Bango & Vesecky’s roots in traditional pop craftsmanship.

Frank Bango may very well be a musical genius…Sprawling pop tunes with clever arrangements and a literary approach to lyric-writing that never gets caught up in itself
— Splendid magazine
Bango and The Magic Fingers wore actual blazers.
Could it be they were tipping their caps to a time when musicians dressed for the show? Perhaps, more optimistically, they are a sign of the future.
— The Deli Magazine
“Bango... has melody and wordplay worthy of Elvis Costello, and a romantic whimsy Costello couldn’t touch.”
Sure to end up on this writer’s short list of ‘08 pop “must-haves” ... a pop album (The Sweet Songs of Decay) for the ages.
— David Bash- Amplifier
“one of the best albums of this decade in any genre...The Sweet Songs of Decay is flat-out brilliant. It’s sparse, but cuts right to the heart of pain, love, loss, and life in general. This is an absolute must-hear for anyone who loves well-written songs that last for generations”